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MDevNet Network Membership Workshop

Workshop on sharing, discussing and surveying the main challenges and obstacles faced by companies, entities of the R&I system, public entities and other entities involved in the process of transferring and valuing knowledge of technology-based medical devices, in particular with regard to regulatory, procedural, ethical, security or data privacy, development or adoption of technology, business model or other factors. You can find the event's report with the conclusions summary here.

Identification of the 3 most convergent wide themes:

1. Clarification of regulatory issues associated with medical devices and their impact on national entities involved in the process of transferring and exploiting medical devices;

2. Identification of obstacles and promotion of mechanisms of interaction between the national entities involved in the process of co-development and co-validation of medical devices;

3. Promotion of effectiveness in the technology transfer processes in the MDevNet network partners for the adequate increase of value and exploitation of technology-based medical devices, based on their specific skills and competences (e.g. technical, scientific or legal).

Next Steps:

1. Period up to 27th March to receive complementary suggestions on topics not yet covered by members of the MDevNet Network:

     a. The report will remain available on the MDevNet Network website;

     b. An Action Group will subsequently be assigned for each Convergent Theme;

     c. The 3 Convergent Themes will be closed on 27th March, depending on the feedback received

     in the meantime.

2. Definition of the Action Groups up to the date of their first meetings - scheduled for 13th April:

     a. Opening to members of the MDevNet Network for expressions of interest for participation in the Action

     Groups by 13th.

3. Date scheduled for the 1st Working Meeting of each Action Group - 13th April. 


Click here to access the Report.