Events » Workshop ’’Prospection and Identification of Technologies with High Potential to Transfer to Market’


Workshop ’’Prospection and Identification of Technologies with High Potential to Transfer to Market’

Date: 12th february 2019

Time: 9:30h-12:30h

Place: Fraunhofer Portugal

UPTEC - Edifício Central Rua Alfredo Allen, n.º455/461

4200-135 Porto 


Workshop Description

The Workshop ’’Prospection and Identification of Technologies with High Potential of Transfer to the Market’’ aims to support the participants promoting research results of entities of the national scientific system to analyze and work on their respective technologies with regard to information and plans that will condition their transfer to the market.

This work deals with the reflection, identification and clear description of the technology, the results obtained, its value proposition, the probable class of the device and steps required for certification, the target market, the marketing models considered and the milestones required for eventual certification.

The technologies worked on this workshop will merit a prominent place in the Catalog of Technologies of High Potential Transfer to the Market, by the complete and evenly presented form that the respective information will take at the end of the workshop.

Given the practical nature of this event, the target audience are entitites that have developed (or are developing) one or more technology-based medical devices that meet the following requirements:

a) Be in a mature state that involves some degree of validation in the actual application environment (TRL>=2);

b) Be a technological based medical device in their final version;

c) Not yet in economic exploitation in the medical devices area by any singular person or business entity.

In this sequence, the workshop is intended to:

  • • Support researchers and project promoters in exploring the applicability and potential commercialization of R&D technologies in the medical devices area;
  • • Clarify the criteria that identify a technology-based medical device with high potential for transfer to the market;
  • • Raise awareness of the importance of taking into account, in the R&D process, the possible need for certification and transfer to the market;


Consult the Workshop Regulation here.




9h30 - Introduction

9h35 - Certification as a fundamental step for the process of valorization of the R&D results - Nuno Felício (MDevNet)

9h45 - Tecnologies Presentation

10h45 - Success factors for medical devices  - Celina Lourenço (SIEMENS)

11h05 - Coffee Break

11h25 - Innovation and empathy for the future of medical devices - Nuno Vargas (Innovation Lead and Product Consultant)

12h20 - Wrap-up


The report of the present event is already available. Consult here.