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3rd Working Meeting Action Groups

3rd Working Meeting Action Groups (integrated in the second session of the BISTAS LARGAS program, promoted by CINTESIS – Center for Health Technology and Services Research, in partnership with the MDevNet Network; a session on "Certification/Regulation").

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Date: 21st September 2018

Place: Casa do Infante

Rua da Alfândega, 10.

4050-029 Porto

Time: 15h

Agenda: Consult the agenda of the 2nd session of the BISTAS LARGAS program here.

For more information on the BISTAS LARGAS program, promoted by CINTESIS, and in particular on the second session of this program focused on the theme "Certification/Regulation" and carried out in partnership with the MDevNet Network, consult the event page, where you can find the respective registration form.


New Model of Meeting

The third, and last, Working Group of the Action Groups will have a different dynamic from the first two since it will count on the joint discussion and between the 3 Action Groups, meeting in the same space. On the one hand, this model will allow the discussion of the themes of each Action Group to be extended to the remaining Groups, collecting feedback on the conclusions of each Group. On the other hand, it will also allow the preliminary version of the Manual of "Best Practices for Technology Transfer in the Technology Based Medical Devices Sector", worked by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS based on the inputs of the Network as well as in a research and bibliographic synthesis, to be presented to all the participants of the Groups and to collect impressions and suggestions from them so that later incorporate this feedback in the final version of the Manual, in order to bring the document closer to the needs of its audience. This Meeting will also include the participation of entities and personalities experienced in the certification of medical devices, which may help to complement or clarify specific aspects or complement the perspectives of the Action Groups.

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We recall the themes associated with each Action Group:

Action Group 1 - Clarification of regulatory issues associated with medical devices and their impact on national entities involved in the process of transferring and upgrading medical devices;

Action Group 2 - Survey of obstacles and promotion of mechanisms interaction between the national entities involved in the process of co-development and validation of medical devices;

Action Group 3 - Promotion of effectiveness in the technology transfer processes in the MDevNet network partners for the adequate valuation of technology-based medical devices, based on their specific skills and competences (eg technical, scientific or legal).


The Working Meetings Action Groups have the following structure: