Events » Workshop consolidation and synthesis of the conclusions of the Action Group 1


Workshop consolidation and synthesis of the conclusions of the Action Group 1

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Date: 30th october 2018

Place: PCI – Parque de Ciência e Inovação

                       3830-044 Ílhavo, Portugal

Time: 14:30h

Workshop Description

The Workshop "Access to Information for the Development of Medical Devices: Operational and Regulatory Aspects" has as main objectives:

  • • Promote interaction and common learning among the participating entities;
  • • Consolidate the knowledge and conclusions of the working meetings of the Action Groups;
  • • Familiarize the entities of the MDevNet network with the contents of the Best Practices Manual;
  • • Facilitate clarification of existing doubts regarding the certification and regulation of medical devices.


To this end, the event will be dynamic, in which participants will have the opportunity to interact with each other and participate in activities that allow the joint discussion of issues related to the Medical Device Regulation, with the help of the preliminary version of the "Best Practices Manual for Technology Transfer in the Technology Based Medical Devices Sector", worked by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS . After this activity, participants are also expected to identify and propose content to be incorporated into the final version of the Manual, in order to bring the document closer to the needs of the audience.



14:30 - DIATOMIC - Dissemination of the program and financing opportunity for companies in the health area

16:00 –  MDevNet Presentation

16:05 – Presentation of the Best Practices Manual

16:15– Medical Devices and its definition

16:45 – Group Dynamics: Access to Information

17:15 – Coffee-Break

17:25 – Conclusions and closure

We recall the theme associated with the Action Group 1:

"Clarification of regulatory issues associated with medical devices and their impact on national entities involved in the process of transferring and upgrading medical devices"

We also leave the reports of the first and second meetings of the Action Groups, which contain the main points of what was discussed in each meeting:

First Meeting of the Action Groups | Report

Second Meeting of the Action Groups | Report




The report of the present event is already available. To access it, please click here.