Events » Workshop consolidation and synthesis of the conclusions of the Action Group 3


Workshop consolidation and synthesis of the conclusions of the Action Group 3

Date: 7th May  2019

Time: 9:30h - 12:30h


Workshop Description

The Workshop Consolidation and Synthesis of the Conclusions of the Action Group 3 has as main objectives:

  • • Promote a dynamic interaction between researchers, companies and startups;
  • • Consolidate the knowledge acquired and conclusions of the MDevNet Network work meetings, grounding the knowledge, namely through validation and testimony, by entities involved in the process of valorization and transfer of technology of medical devices (such as R&D institutions), with incidence in the following subtopics: 

- Communication and brokerage between knowledge produced in R&D institutions and companies;

- Brokerage and identification of partners fot the development of medical devices;

- Academic training for communication skills, technology prospecting, intellectual property management and regulatory literacy among students, future researchers and entrepreneurs;

- Technology Transfer Models;

  • • Familiarize the entities of the MDevNet network with the contents of the Good Practices Manual.

In this sequence, it is intended that the event aims not only at the survey and good practices for the approximation of R&D entities of the market entities and their needs, but also for the promotion of agile and effective interdependent processes between the entities that participate in the process of research, development, certification or marketing of medical devices.

To achieve the proposed objectives, we will have the presence of (1) several representatives of companies and startups who already commercialize medical devices or who are looking for new products or services based on scientific knowledge, (2) researchers that produce knowledge in the area of devices (3) representatives of R&D entities seeking to promote the practical application of the knowledge produced.

The conclusions of this debate will contribute to the improvement of the "Good Practices Manual fot the Transfer of Technology in the Sector of Medical Devices of Technological Base", worked by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS.


Session I

09:30 - Registration

09:40 - Introduction - MDevNet Project (Nuno Felício) 

09:55 - Keynote Speech

10:25 - Coffee-Break

Sessão II - Communication and Colaboration for the Transfer of Technology of Medical Devices

10:45 - Host Presentations

11:45 - The challenge of innovation with medical devices: the O desafio da inovação com dispositivos médicos: the multiplicity of roles and the role of  networks  (Nuno Felício)

11:55 - Debate: Technology Tranfer in Medical Devices

13:00 -  Closure

We recall the theme associated with the Action Group 3:

Promotion of efficiency in the technology transfer process in the MDevNet Network partners for the adequate valuation of technology -based medical devices, based on their specific skills and competences

We also leave the reports of the first and second meetings of the Action Groups, which contain the main points of what was discussed in each meeting:

1st Meeting of the Action Groups | Report

2nd Meeting of the Action Groups | Report