Events » Presentation discussion and interpretation of the main conclusions of the MDevNet network


Presentation discussion and interpretation of the main conclusions of the MDevNet network

Date: 19 July 2019

Place: Sala de Atos do edifício Cidade do Porto da ESEP
(Polo Cidade do Porto da Escola Superior de Enfermagem do Porto, Rua Álvares Cabral 384, 4050-040 Porto)

Time: 9h30 - 13h00


"The Medical Devices Industry in Portugal: Interpretative Debate of the Conclusions of the MDevNet Network"

Interpretation and sharing Workshop with all the members of the MDevNetwork of the main conclusions gathered by the network, namely through:

  • - the interaction activities promoted by the workshops, seminars and working meetings; 
  • - the incremental improvement of projects and pilot projects with the technology transfer approach of the MDevNet project;
  • - the compilation and documental sinthesis about the obstacles, opportunities and best practices for the development of medical devices in Portugal.


These conclusions are organized by the three following topics:

1. Clarification of regulatory issues associated with medical devices and their impact on national entities involved in the process of transferring and exploiting medical devices;

2. Identification of obstacles and promotion of mechanisms of interaction between the national entities involved in the process of co-development and co-validation of medical devices;

3. Promotion of effectiveness in the technology transfer processes in the MDevNet network partners for the adequate increase of value and exploitation of technology-based medical devices, based on their specific skills and competences (e.g. technical, scientific or legal).



9h30 - Registration

9h50 - Challegens and Opportunities for the Innovation of Medical Devices in Portugal - MDevNet Network Highlights (Nuno Felício)

10h05 - Round Table 1: Regulatory aspects for the valorization of the Medical Devices knwoledge

Speaker 1: Mariana Madureira (INFARMED)

Speaker 2: Ricardo Cunha (BlueClinical)

Speaker 3: Hugo Prazeres (i3S)

10h55 - Coffee Break

11h15 - Round Table  2: Development and Validation of Medical Devices as a Collaborative Process

Speaker 1: Mónica Gonçalves (2CA-Braga)

Speaker 2: Joaquim Gabriel (FEUP)

Speaker 3: Vítor Tedim Cruz (Hospital Pedro Hispano, ULS de Matosinhos)

12h05 - Round Table  3: Promotion of the efficacy in the Medical Devices Technology Transfer Process

- António Soares (CINTESIS)

- João P. Barreto (Perceive3D)

- Gil Gonçalves (Nortexcel2020)

- André Jacinto (APORMED)

13h00 - Synthesis and Closure


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